Discover how to create your financial abundance, clearing limiting beliefs

Discover how to increase your income by setting specific intentions in the state of flow

Have you heard of the rat race?

A rat running on a wheel that spins continuously, never getting anywhere.
At some point in our lives, most of us end up feeling like a race.

We study and work for 30 years to support ourselves, then to support a family, and at one point we find out we know nothing more than work!

Only when we are addicted, sick, poor, exhausted and confused, we ask ourselves: “Where did I go wrong, did I just do everything I needed ?!”

It is enough for us to have only one limiting belief – such as “Work a lot, a little money” – in order to block our financial abundance.

This is the problem in the rat race

We are driven by fear and worry instead of following, from COURAGE, what we really want.

But if we are honest, we have a chance.

We can create our destiny and we can turn fate in our favor.
If we were to choose the root cause of our sufferings – but also of our deliverance, most of us could realize that OUR DECISIONS have a decisive role.

You work because you need money, thinking that one day you will get rid of this burden, but our limiting beliefs sabotage us, regardless of our efficiency in work or in managing the money we make.

Learn to make the right decisions by reviewing your past in a therapeutic setting, then your desires will manifest much faster, because you will know how to create your best life.

This method has many benefits,


If you somehow believe this now, I want to clarify and understand that a special vibration is needed to get the expected results.

You probably already sense it – this vibration is that of unconditional love, a special state that any human has experienced at one point, is not difficult to reach and does not hold for romance, is the state of “being”, a special way of operating in the world, a level of consciousness that only 0.4% of the people on this planet constantly manifest.

Love is in you, and in this context … life is created and lived with great love and passion, with responsibility and devotion.

The idea is to be able to live the life you want, to attract the opportunities for which you are prepared and the money you deserve, to assume what belongs to you, to let another where you do not know very well, to recognize where you went wrong and to ask for opinions where you stumbled – so it is not so difficult to practice the state of “Being” – an attitude of total presence.

If you now feel that you are vibrating with this attitude of unconditional love, I invite you along with me to deepen this field, being guided in the Universe of Consciousness to your final destination – your Higher Self

What the course represents and how it will take place

Find out the method by which you can fulfill your wishes much easier, only by understanding the context of creation

I invite you on a 5-week journey, with me, to discover together what is blocking your abundance.

I invite you to work on a precise structure – the Scale of Consciousness, developed by one of the best leading specialists in the field of spirituality, Dr. David Hawkins.

This means being willing to attend weekly sessions, about 2 hours each, every Monday – from 8:00 pm (London Time), when we will meet online, in a webinar.

At each live course you will receive concrete information that you will have to apply in your future conduct, to increase your income by approximately 30% annually and to have the best results in your projects.

We will do all this experience in the form of a game. We share information, meditate together, and discuss life contexts and situations that can be repaired with love.

Everything to be able to reach the end with a process of evolution assumed, applicable in any situation and at any level, a method that will help you become aware of both the bottlenecks and the solutions to your problems in a much shorter time.

Registration is possible until the expiration timer.


FULL PRICE – 200​ euro only 150 euro

Rates – 2 x 100 euro

This offer is only available at the launch of this course. Later, the price will increase. 

About Rodica Iancu

Meet Your Abundance Coach, Rodica Angelica IANCU

Rodica Angelica IANCU, a fully realized intuitive healer and author, is one of the best spiritual coaches in the world, through the high level of consciousness she has reached, committed to using her gift to help people eliminate their energy blocks, raise their vibrations and manifest their ideal realities.

Over the past 16 years Rodica has spoken on TV shows, seminars and conducted over 10,000 sessions for various people, from convicted persons, to successful people, having a great experience with all behavioral typologies.

Rodica’s deepest desire is for people to get the help they need to live the ideal, abundant and stress free life they desire. She is also a creator of programs such as, “Duality vs Clarity”, “Unconditional Love Factor” and more.

What BENEFITS do you get from following the program

Here are the most important benefits you will have, if you decide to join the program

There are results that you can achieve with the help of the program

  • You will find out what is the Field of Consciousness from a theoretical and practical perspective, by practicing specific methods and tools meant to raise your vibration
  • You will find out what your level of consciousness is and what is needed to raise it
  • You will learn how to create your own life from the state of being, by accessing the flow of abundance
  • You will find simple and effective ways to identify your blockages that stops you from living the life you want
  • You will benefit from the support of the group and an experienced therapist to develop your personal power, to be safer and more efficient in everything you do.
  • You will attract more opportunities in your life

What you will learn at each stage to reach your desire

To manifest your ideal life

This step is essential to understand how the field of consciousness works. You will find out the level of consciousness you are currently in, your motivation, your dominant emotion and your manifest potential. In order to have as much clarity in this process of evaluation … we will explore together the scale of consciousness, the main gates and what determines the evolution or involution in consciousness – virtues and temptations. We-ll also explore your relationship with money, your beliefs about money and how you manage your money .  We-ll discuss the four human typologies established by specialists regarding human behavior in relation to money and we-ll determine which typologies you belong to and how you can improve your relationship with money, in order to multiply them.

The phenomenon of projection and mirror is explored … to identify as accurately as possible the limiting beliefs that have affected our manifestation. We also discuss the inner family and the inner dialogue … to find out what our parents’ money beliefs were and how they are affecting us today. We exercise the state of observer and recapture our personality, by asserting preferences in the energy of unconditional love. We identify and reframe bad beliefs about money, replacing them with ideas that unlock financial abundance. We set specific intentions to increase annual income.

In this session we will discuss the importance of the decision in the motivational process and how it can be structured by negations and then by positive affirmations. We will explore the decisions of our parents and our own decisions from important moments of life. We will explore the abundance beliefs of the community we lived in as a child, to identify how they affected our general mindset about money. We will also explore our financial, material and professional preferences.

In this session we will discuss  about all types of abundance and we will clarify the financial abundance in order to formulate the intentions in a more specific way. We will discuss what the intention represents in the process of conscious creation, how the intention is set and launched in a favorable context.

Inspired action – waiting for the right time and context. The mistake that most people make is to make an action plan and get on the job immediately, without launching intentions into the field of consciousness, considering that they have to look for opportunities and fight for them. The truth is that when we launch intentions properly, the right opportunities come to us and all we have to do is understand the signs or signals of the universe and follow them.

Understanding the concept of TRUE, as a reality of the Flow… .and the importance of giving personal vibration to this context in order to obtain the support of the Universe. We will exemplify situations about how we get into the flow and what exactly gets us out of the flow (eg – association with lying people who block us, hidden intentions, lack of integrity, hyperprotectivity … etc).


In addition to everything I presented above, I will also offer you a series of valuable bonuses for this course

5 guided meditations

I have prepared for you one of the most effective bonuses I can offer. During the 5 weeks I will offer you 5 theta healing meditations that will help you to identify the limiting beliefs, in order to eliminate and replace them.

One to One session

In order to determine where to go, you need to know where you are. Therefore, I will offer you a private online 40 minute session, through which you will be energetically evaluated to find out the current level of consciousness in order to build a personalized spiritual evolution plan.

Registration is possible until the timer expires

FULL PRICE – 200​ euro only 150 euro

Rates – 2 x 100 euro

This offer is only available at the launch of this course. Later, the price will increase. 


S.D. – “My name is Sabina and I am, I was and I will be one of the clients of Rodica, who enjoys the presence and the debate with which she manages to show you clearly where your own life is blocked. I met Rodica in the spring of 2016, when together we attended Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Workshop. After a few coaching sessions, which I did together, I discovered why my life was following, one by one, the pattern of my own parents, what I inherited from them, what was hindering me in my development process. From her I learned about my own inner woman and about the inner man – which I secretly raised with what I learned from my family or my family tree… .Much thanks Rodica! extremely grateful for all you have done for me! ”

 D. H. – “Thank you for appearing in my life and helping me understand something about me. I watched a TV show on 6TV, then I searched on youtube and FB for your posts, then I subscribed by email. I practiced creating intentions (from your previous posts) and turning negations into statements. I had an idea about it, but when I wanted something, I started to address the universe with negations, without knowing that there is a possibility of transforming them into statements. That’s why I was sending ambiguous messages to the universe and not getting what I wanted. With your exercises I took another step in my personal development and I already feel better.

2. R.C. – “I thank you for what you share with us, the ordinary people … who want to grow beautiful, to be better every day, to remedy something that we have disturbed with the choices made in the past and to materialize beautiful thoughts. My name is Roxana … I’ve always been proud of my name. To me it means a ray of light … which, unfortunately, I sometimes did not let it shine to its true capacity. But I want nothing in this world to stop me from keeping it in the shade. I know that everything depends on me … that’s why I work with me …… Thank you! “


If you have any questions or need informations that you did not find on this page, I’ll be happy to help you !

If you want an one to one session,  I invite you to contact me !

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